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The Department of Energy Engineering has a number of specialized laboratories and facilities used for educational and experimental research programs which include:

Energy Systems Engineering

  • Biomass Laboratory*
  • Fuel Cell Laboratory*
  • Solar Laboratory*
  • Heat Pipes Laboratory*
  • Energy Auditing Laboratory*

Nuclear Engineering

  • Medical Radiation laboratory
  • Radiation Detection and Dosimetry Laboratory (Usage: educational and research)
  • Research laboratory of ray application
  • Electronic Laboratory (Usage: research)

  • Plasma Focus Laboratory (Usage: research)

  • Chemical engineering laboratory (Usage: research)
  • Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (Usage: Educational)

High Performace Computing

Under Construction

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Department of Energy Engineering, Taymouri Alley, Ghasemi Street, Habibollahi St., Azadi Avenue, Tehran, Iran

Tel: 021-66166101-2         Fax: 021-66081722

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