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The plan of establishment of the Department of Energy Engineering was proposed and subsequently approved by SUT Graduate Council and University Council in 2005. The plan was finally approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in late 2005. Board of Trustees of SUT approved the organization chart of the department in 2006.


Fields of Activities

Department of Energy Engineering is a multidisciplinary department with activities in the following fields:

  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Energy Technologies
  • Energy & Environment
  • Nuclear Engineering


Our Vision:

  • Establishment of a center of excellence in energy engineering education, research and services in the country and the region.
  • Development and use of energy engineering knowledge to promote scientific and technical capabilities of the country’s energy sector, rational use of energy and optimal use of natural energy resources for sustainable development of  Iran and the region.
  • Participation in national, regional and international efforts to develop clean technologies in production, transmission and consumption of energy, for protection of the country, region and the world environment.


Our Mission:

  • Training of qualified personnel to meet the needed human resources for the country in the fields of energy engineering
  • Training of the faculty and research staff in the fields of energy engineering
  • Expanding the frontiers of science and technology in the field of energy engineering
  • Offering of specialized training courses to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the industrial staff.
  • Organizing and conducting basic and applied research and development in various fields of energy engineering
  • Performing studies for facilitating policy/decision-making , as well as publication of scientific information in the field of energy science and technology
  • Establishment of scientific and technical cooperation with regional / international scientific institutions.

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Department of Energy Engineering, Taymouri Alley, Ghasemi Street, Habibollahi St., Azadi Avenue, Tehran, Iran

Tel: 021-66166101-2         Fax: 021-66081722

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